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Firearms Compliance and Training  Accessories.

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We're developing innovative firearms accessories to TAKE YOUR Shooting TO THE NEXT LEVEL. 

our new "go featureless" products will keep you shooting safely and legally, especially if you live in a restricted state.

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Go Featureless Product Line

Recently a portion of our focus and efforts have shifted to support the struggles we and our Second Amendment brethren are facing in restricted states like California. Due to some misguided and unconstitutional laws, law abiding gun owners in California, New Jersey, New York and other restricted states can no longer enjoy many of the same Second Amendment freedoms as the rest of the nation. 

California Gun Laws
New York Gun Laws

As Second Amendment supporting gun owners in California, we are taking on this struggle ourselves.  We're in the process of developing some new products to help us legally keep our guns in our hands and functioning as close to their intended form as possible. We're doing everything we can to keep black rifles coming to California and other restricted states in 2017 and beyond! 

Residents of restricted states: We've been developing a line of "Go Featureless" products to help you stay legal without having to register your rifles as "assault weapons" or having to install clumsy, awkward magazine locking contraptions.

Let's face it, ridiculous gun laws suck! Our products make complying with those laws - suck less. We don't believe you should have to lose all the functionality of your gun, so we try to preserve it. We don't believe you should have to replace your current components, so our products are designed to work with the components you already have. 

The process to "Go Featureless" is simple and has obvious benefits. 



  • Simply use our patent pending Stock-Lok device with your current telescoping stock to convert it into an ADJUSTABLE fixed stock with no drilling or pinning. 
  • Use our pistol grip with thumb rest to bring your current pistol grip into compliance with the law.
  • Remove any forward pistol/vertical grip. 
  • Swap out your flash hider for one of our muzzle brakes/compensators.


  • No "Assault Weapon" registration (or extra requirements, fees, or special laws to adhere to)
  • No magazine lock or button required
  • Can sell or gift your gun or pass it down through inheritance (which you can't do if registered as an "Assault Weapon")
  • Keeps you legal. (Failure to comply with the new laws can result in a felony conviction and forfeiture of your current and future right to own firearms) 

"Go Featureless" and avoid aw registration!


Range Roll Training
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Range Roll Training Products

Coming Soon!

We've got several exciting and unique training products under-development to benefit shooters of all abilities. We'll be releasing our new Range Roll training products soon. Sign up to get notified when they are available and to take advantage of the special, limited time, introductory price. 

RANGE ROLL is a patent pending firearms training accessory that will be be useful for shooters of every skill level and application, whether shooting handguns, long guns or practicing tactical, defensive or concealed carry skills.

In addition to their instructional purpose, RANGE ROLL products will also help protect the finish of your expensive firearms to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them! 

We are currently putting the final touches on our new Range Roll and Go Featureless product lines. Sign up below to be notified when new products are released!  

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