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Firearms Compliance, safety and outdoor accessories.

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We offer innovative firearms accessories, SAFETY AND OUTDOOR GEAR AND EDC TOOLS to MAKE SURE YOU’RE always PREPARED. 

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Restricted State Compliance Products

Recently a portion of our focus and efforts have shifted to support the struggles we and our Second Amendment brethren are facing in restricted states like California, New York and New Jersey. Due to some misguided and unconstitutional laws, law abiding gun owners in these and other restricted states can no longer enjoy many of the same Second Amendment freedoms as the rest of the nation. 

California Gun Laws
New York Gun Laws

None of us want to be forced into “assault weapon” registration or worse, getting arrested or cited for having an “illegal” firearm. That’s why we are offering several compliance components to help you avoid all the legal headaches in California, New Jersey, New York, etc.

Our featureless products and kit help you stay legal without having to register your rifles as "assault weapons" or having to install clumsy, awkward magazine locking contraptions.

Let's face it, ridiculous gun laws suck! These products make complying with those laws - suck less.

The process to go “Featureless" is simple and has obvious benefits. 



  • Simply use the Stock-Lok device with your current telescoping stock to convert it into an ADJUSTABLE fixed stock with no drilling or pinning.

  • Use our pistol grip with thumb rest to bring your current pistol grip into compliance with the law.

  • Remove any forward pistol/vertical grip.

  • Swap out your flash hider for one of our muzzle brakes/compensators.


  • No "Assault Weapon" registration (or extra requirements, fees, or special laws to adhere to)

  • No magazine lock or button required

  • Can sell or gift your gun or pass it down through inheritance (which you can't do if registered as an "Assault Weapon")

  • Keeps you legal. (Failure to comply with the new laws can result in a felony conviction and forfeiture of your current and future right to own firearms)

  • DISCLAIMER: It’s the end user’s responsibility to know, understand and comply with all local, state and federal firearms laws that apply in their area.




Range Roll trauma kits

Coming Soon!

Several members of our team come from first responder/emergency responder backgrounds. Their first-hand experience has proven the need for having quality medical gear on-hand when the need arises.

We have been working with various product developers in the emergency medical space, testing and evaluating gear including equipment from North American Rescue, RevMedX, RATS Medical, etc to find the best equipment for various needs and situations. We’ll soon be offering our personal trauma kits for you and your family. You’ll always have the equipment you need, when you need it.

Our kits will be perfect for storage in your range back, vehicle trunk, home closet, etc. Unlike other options out there, our kits will ensure your medical equipment is always in tip-top shape.

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