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compliance products to go featureless

We offer a variety of products to convert your rifle to “Featureless” set up, so you can avoid it being classified as an “Assault Weapon” and you can avoid having a permanent magazine installed or having to install clumsy, awkward magazine locking contraption.

Our featureless product offerings are high quality and allow you to upgrade your firearm to stay legal and functional. We offer a featureless kit to make your conversion easy. It includes:

  • Stock-Lok to convert your telescoping rifle to “fixed” without drilling or pinning.

  • Featureless AR Grip with thumb rest, so your grip is no longer a “pistol grip.”

  • Premium muzzle brake to replace your flash hider.

  • Titanium Hex Tool by Rigid Design Co. so you can make easy position adjustments to your stock.

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Stock-Lok Overview

Stock-Lok is a featureless compliance device that converts your adjustable telescoping stock into a fixed stock, with no drilling, pinning or damage to your stock or buffer tube.

Stock-Lok is the ONLY product on the market that allows you to make full use of all the adjustment positions you previously enjoyed with your telescoping stock while still complying with the law. 

While you are no longer able to make the traditional on-the-fly adjustments of the past, Stock-Lok does allow you to change from one "fixed stock" position to another "fixed stock" position with the use of an external tool (hex wrench) and full disassembly of the stock. The adjustment process takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

For those in states that require the stock to be "permanently" fixed, Stock-Lok can easily meet this requirement by using epoxy to permanently affix the Stock-Lok within the desired adjustment hole of the buffer tube during installation, or by filling the hollow top portion of the socket head screw after installation, which will eliminate the option of removal/adjustment with the hex wrench. 

Stock-Lok is precision machined from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized for years of reliability and use.


Stock-Lok Contents

Stock-Lok Contents:

Stock-Lok kits include:

  • Stock-Lok

  • 1.25" Socket Head Screw (Fits most standard stocks)

  • 1" Socket Head Screw (Fits many specialty or after market stocks)

  • Allen Wrench for installation and adjustment

Stock-Lok Universal.jpg


Stock-Lok is extremely versatile and can be used with any adjustable telescoping stock on the market, including standard AR stocks commonly found on Colt's and Smith & Wesson's, and all after market stocks such as Magpul, Hogue, Battlelink, Rock River and others. Stock-Lok also works with specific rifle brand stocks such as those found on LWRC and Daniel Defense rifles. 



Installation could not be easier or faster. By simply replacing the spring-loaded adjustment pin on your telescoping stock with Stock-Lok, you can lock your stock to a fixed position, thereby changing it from a “telescoping stock” to a “fixed stock” in order to comply with local laws in firearm restricted states such as California. 


DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the end user to know, understand and comply with all local, state and federal firearms laws.