Range Roll offers something for everyone

Whether you live in a restricted state like California and are interested in our "Go Featureless" products, or you live in a free state like Texas and are interested in our training accessories, we've got you covered. Our innovative "Go Featureless" compliance products are will keep you legal while keeping your firearm functional. 

Currently available, our patent-pending Stock-Lok has more functionality than any other product in it's category. Check out our Stock-Lok product page at rangeroll.com/stocklok-info for more information. 

We are preparing for release an innovative new solution to bring your current pistol grip into compliance with restrictive state laws. Between this product and our Stock-Lok product you will be nearly "featureless" and compliant with state laws to avoid "assault weapon" registration. You'll also be able to ditch the magazine lock/button contraptions. Please sign up to be notified when we release the pistol grip product.

What the Hell is a Range Roll?

A Range Roll is an innovative, patent-pending instructional firearms product currently under development. Range Roll is a simple, elegantly designed product that offers shooters of all types and abilities instruction to improve accuracy and skills.

Range Roll not only helps shooters improve their accuracy with each shot taken, it does so in a way that also protects the finish of your expensive firearms. Range Roll can be used at all your shooting sessions, including commercial shooting ranges.  

Range Rolls are for shooters of all ages and abilities. Range Rolls are great for teaching new shooters, kids and spouses the basics. There are also Range Roll models that are geared for highly specialized shooting such as long-range precision shooting, tactical training, concealed carry readiness and functional skills drills. 

Best of all, Range Roll is light and portable - throw it in your bag and go.

Coming Soon To A Range Near You!

Range Rolls will be available for purchase very soon. We are currently finalizing our design elements and looking for manufacturers who can meet our stringent high quality standards.