What is the difference between Range Roll and Go Featureless?

Both Range Roll and Go Featureless are divisions of Range Roll Innovations, LLC. Range Roll is the product line of instructional firearms accessories, while Go Featureless is the product line of compliance components for gun owners in restrictive states. You will find both product lines for sale here on RangeRoll.com when they are commercially available. 


What Go Featureless products are currently available?

Currently our patent pending Stock-Lok product is the only Go Featureless product available for sale, here on our website and in many gun stores in California. We estimate having our pistol grip product released and commercially available by mid December, 2016.


What is a Stock-Lok?

Stock-Lok is a patent pending compliance component to help gun owners in restrictive states like California to go featureless with their rifles. By going featureless, gun owners in restrictive states can avoid registering their rifles as assault weapons and they can lose any magazine lock or button their rifles currently have. 

Stock-Lok easily converts telescoping stocks into "fixed stocks" by replacing the spring-loaded adjustment pin on a telescoping stock with the Stock-Lok to lock the stock to one position. 

The Stock-Lok is the only product available that turns an adjustable/telescoping stock into a fixed stock while retaining the option of adjusting the stock to any of the preexisting positions on the buffer tube. By requiring/utilizing an external tool and complete disassembly of the stock, the stock can be moved from one "fixed stock" position to a different "fixed stock" position. The adjustment process takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. 

What is a Range Roll?

Range Roll is an innovative, patent-pending instructional firearms product that is currently under development. Range Roll is a simple, elegantly designed product that offers shooters of all types and abilities instruction to improve accuracy and skills.

Range Roll not only helps shooters improve their accuracy with each shot taken, it does so in a way that also protects the finish of your expensive firearms. Range Roll can be used at all your shooting sessions, including commercial shooting ranges.

Best of all, Range Roll is light and portable - throw it in your bag and go.  


When will Range Roll be available?

Range Rolls should be available beginning of 2017. We are currently finalizing our design elements and looking for manufacturers who can meet our stringent quality standards.


Who are Range Rolls for?

Range Rolls are for shooters of all ages and abilities. Basic Range Rolls are great for teaching shooting fundamentals to new or novice shooters, while advanced Range Rolls are designed for experienced shooters looking to refine their specialized skills or practice reinforcement drills. 

If you're a new shooter or are teaching kids, spouses or students the basics,  Range Roll will make the job easier. If you're a pro practicing highly specialized skills such as long-range precision shooting, tactical training, concealed carry readiness or functional skills drills, there are Range Rolls to help you too!  


How much will Range Rolls cost?

Range Roll retail prices are still being determined based on development, design, manufacturing and distribution costs. We do expect Range Rolls to be a very affordable accessory, especially given the ever increasing costs of equipment in this industry.


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